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TRIG project or "Training and Research Improvement of Can Tho University" is developed with three following chief contents. 

1.       Upgrading training management and scientific research capacities: The main objective is further enhancing management capacity to promote the improvement of training and research quality, consisting of strengthening accreditation activities and new methods of curriculum development, speeding up research activities in the entire university, especially among the students, and enhancing the publication, copyright, and patents of intellectual property. 

2.       Innovating training and research in sciences and technology: CTU is a multidisciplinary institution. Based on its distinguishing features and the orientations of its strategic plan, CTU delineates the TRIG activities in accordance with its properties for the next ten years. The recommended areas are built on and further developed form QIG subprojects such as information and communication, aquatic pathology management, post – harvest technology, etc. In addition, we are interested in a number of new areas like environment, sustainable management and utilization of natural resources, food technology, animal disease management and varietal improvement, etc.

3.       Besides natural sciences and technology, CTU is also interested in taking part in the fields of social sciences such as (1) promoting foreign languages teaching, (2) establishing a high-quality center (located at CTU) for foreign languages for the whole Mekong Delta region, (3) disseminating laws of international commerce and business administration. These encourage the international integration after Viet Nam joined WTO.