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The Department is a functional unit to support the university in the following affairs:

International cooperation:

-       Welcoming international guests

-       Inviting guests to the university

-       Drafting and organizing signing MOU ceremonies.

-       Receiving goods from international organizations

-       Making yearly international cooperation plans

-       Making yearly international cooperation reports

-       Organizing international workshops and conferences.

-       Translating international cooperation documents, leters, and interpreting at workshops, conferences

Project management:

-       Drafting projects

-       Proposing detailed project as well as its budget

-       Proposing projects on different fields

-       Managing the procedures to prepare, carry out and finalize projects 

Detailed duties:

-       Proposing projects in different levels and in various methods, including researching projects and construction projects

-       Supervising and implementing procedures to get approval for projects from authorities

-       Taking part in and carrying out projects requested by the rectorate board

-       Helping other units to make projects

-       Managing projects which are running at the university. Depending on projects’ budget and scale, time, and owners, there will be various ways to carry out them.