Trips to local sites PDF Print E-mail

1. Document I: The written request for the trips to local sites must be submitted to the Rectorate Board

2. Document II: The written request for the trips to local sites sent to the External Affairs of the local provinces that the delegates would like to visit.

- The guest’s personal information as follow:

+ Organizations in which the guests are working for.

+ Names, Surnames, Passport numbers, Nationalities, Genders.

+ Guests’ working duration/ schedule/ program at the local sites

+ Anticipated temporary address in the local sites

- Reasons/ Purposes of working guests (in what programs or projects)

- Full name, phone number, email of the CTU staff accompany with the guest.

- The cost/ budget

3. Send document II to International Relations Dept. (including e-file)

4. International Relations Dept. submit the documents to Rectorate Board.

5. The relevant department will guide the guest to the local sites after getting aprroval from the local authorires